Textile Reinforced Concrete

TRC,Textile Reinforced Concrete

Textile Reinforced Concrete - TRC
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    • Textile-reinforced concrete (TRC) is a new high performance cementitious composite material, which not only has superior corrosion resistance but also can effectively limit the development of concrete cracks and make the crack width and spacing of concrete become smaller. However, due to the brittle feature of fiber materials, the TRC structural member has no distinct failure symptom when it arrives at its ultimate load...

    ShiLang Xuet al. Analytical theory of flexural behavior of concrete beam reinforced wit...

    • Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is an innovative material for thin-walled, structural elements with a high load-bearing capacity. For a safe design of TRC load bearing structures comprehensive investigations were carried out to predict the time-dependent loss in strength of the AR-glass reinforcement embedded in fine grained concrete as a consequence of weathering. The present work describes two different approaches to calculate the amount of strength loss of the reinforcement as a function of material, humidity and temperature...

    J. Orlowskyet al. Durability model for AR-glass fibres in textile reinforced concrete

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