Cox Proportional Hazards Model

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Cox Proportional Hazards Model
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    • Cox proportional hazards model is a commonly used model in providing hazard ratio to compare survival times of two population groups. The exponentiated linear regression part of the model describes the effects of explanatory variables on hazard ratio. PROC PHREG is a SAS procedure that implements the Cox model and provides the hazard ratio estimate. The estimate is interpreted as the percent change in the hazards of the two population groups given an increase of one unit in a given explanatory variable and conditional on fixed values of all other explanatory variables...

    Betty Ying Wang. Get the Correct Hazard Ratio from SAS ® PROC PHREG Procedure

    • The Cox proportional hazards model is the most commonly used method when analyzing the impact of covariates on continuous survival times. In its classical form, the Cox model was introduced in the setting of right-censored observations...

    Thomas Kneib. Geoadditive hazard regression for interval censored survival times

    • The Cox proportional hazards model is the most widely used model for survival analysis because of its simplicity. The fundamental assumption in this model is the proportionality of the hazard function...

    Farid E Ahmedet al. Modeling survival in colon cancer: a methodological review

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