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Cross Entropy - CE
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    • The cross-entropy (CE) method is a new generic approach to combinatorial and multi-extremal optimization and rare event simulation. The purpose of this tutorial is to give a gentle introduction to the CE method...

    Pieter-tjerk De Boeret al. A Tutorial on the Cross-Entropy Method

    • The Cross-Entropy (CE) method is a modern and effective optimization method well suited to parallel implementations. There is a vast array of problems today, some of which are highly complex and can take weeks or even longer to solve using current optimization techniques...

    Gareth E. Evanset al. Parallel cross-entropy optimization

    • The cross-entropy (CE) method [56] is a general Monte Carlo approach to combinatorial and continuous multi-extremal optimization [195]. The method originated from the field of rare event simulation, where very small probabilities need to be accurately estimated. Consider a Monte Carlo simulation which draws instances from the true distribution of events...

    Wesam Barbakhet al. Cross Entropy Methods

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