Design Optimization

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Design Optimization
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    • Design optimization is an important engineering design activity. Performing design optimization in the presence of uncertainty has been an active area of research. The approaches used require modeling the random variables using precise probability distributions or representing uncertain quantities as fuzzy sets...

    Jeffrey W. Herrmann. Design Optimization with Imprecise Random Variables

    • Design optimization is an important engineering design activity. Research on design optimization has considered better solution methods as well as novel formulations. Although there exist well-established measures for evaluating solution methods (both exact algorithms and heuristics), attributes for evaluating a design optimization model do not exist...

    Jeffrey W. Herrmann. Evaluating Design Optimization Models

    • Design optimization is a process aimed at selecting the best design, referred as objective function, satisfying certain requirements, called constraints, by modifying the input variables or design parameters. modeFRONTIER is a software that allows to use data coming from many different sources to evaluate several designs and, through the use of an optimization algorithm, can change the input parameters in order to find a configuration that performs better than the others...

    L. Nardinet al. modeFRONTIER © , a Framework for the Optimization of Military Aircraft...

    • Design optimization is a well established application field of evolutionary computation. However, standard recombination operators acting on the genotypic representation of the design or shape are often too disruptive to be useful during optimization...

    Michael Nashviliet al. Morphing methods in evolutionary design optimization

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