A Framework of Integrating Digital City and Eco-city

A Framework of Integrating Digital City and Eco-city,Lu Wang,Huayi Wu,Hong Song

A Framework of Integrating Digital City and Eco-city   (Citations: 1)
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The nature of mankind is longing for better residential environments. City, as a major living style, has never stopped exploring more comfortable urban modes. The main stream of city development theory resulted in 'eco-city'. Recently a new concept, digital city, was push forward with the hot tides of IT technologies. However there is few research linking these two concepts together. This paper tried to explicit the affiliation and comparable elements between these two concepts. It overviewed the recent research achievements on both eco-city and digital city. It pictured an integrative prospect of digital city and eco-city on the point of view from urban sustainable development with IT technologies widely applied. It proposed a fundamental technological framework of the integration of digital city and eco-city. It finally concluded that the integration of eco-city and digital city is the future of sustainable urban development.
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    • ...Digital cities initially became online with the America-On-Line cities [1], which offered public information in common forms...
    • ...The variety of cases gave multiple definitions to the digital city, which can be aggregated to the following: digital environments collecting official and unofficial information from local communities [1] and delivering it to the public via web portals are called information cities [7], [8]; networks of organizations, social groups and enterprises located in a city area are called digital cities...
    • ...Since early 90s different digital cities were implemented all over the world (Table I). The first case was the America-On-Line cities [1], where web environments simulated a city via grouping services according to civilian logic...

    Leonidas Anthopouloset al. From Digital to Ubiquitous Cities: Defining a Common Architecture for ...

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