MALAYSIAN GRADUATES' EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS,Gurvinder Kaur,Gurcharan Singh,Abdul Razak,Sharan Kaur,Garib Singh

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The main aim of this study was to identify the perception of employers concerning the employability skills needed in the job market and graduates' perception of the employability skills that they currently possessed. Eleven variables that make up employability skills based on past research were examined in this study. However, only seven factors, which were the result of factor analysis, were considered. Data were collected through two different sets of questionnaires intended to gauge employers' and graduates' perceptions, respectively. The results of this study revealed that employers preferred to hire graduates from public universities. Moreover, graduates and employers placed similar importance in terms of the ranking of employability skills, where both employers and graduates perceived the order of importance of employability skills to be the same. However, there was a difference between employers' and graduates' perceptions for all seven employability factors, where employers rated graduates much lower in terms of mean rank. The results of this study also suggest that younger employers tend to be more favourable to graduates' employability skills. The higher the job position of the employer within the organization, the higher are the expectations of graduates. Finally, recommendations were also included in this study.
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    • ...Many literatures that we have reviewed suggest that a trainee should have the qualities and competence required to meet present needs of employers and customers as well as to realize his/her potential and aspirations at work (Singh and Singh, 2008...

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    • ...The first stems from employability issues regarding ICT graduates that was reported by the media [1] and the second is the emergence of a new service based economy that requires a new set of competencies...
    • ...A study among local graduates and employees around July 2007 [11] discovered that the employability skills that were deemed important by both the graduates and the employees in order of importance are:...
    • ...However, [9] and [11] discovered that university graduates still do not have all the necessary employability skills...

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