Analisis Biji Jintan Hitam (Nigella Sativa)

Analisis Biji Jintan Hitam (Nigella Sativa),Hasnah M. Sirat,Norazah Basar dan Err,Mei Fang

Analisis Biji Jintan Hitam (Nigella Sativa)  
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The extracts of of black cumins seeds from four extraction techniques were analysed using gas chromatography and gas chromatography - mass spectrometry. The essential oil from hydrodistillation was found to contain p-cymene as the major component together with terpinen-4-ol and thymol as the minor constituents. The Lickens-Nickerson extract gave thymoquinone as the main constituent. The dichloromethane and chloroform extracts produced fatty acids, linoleic acid (major component) and palmitic acid (minor component). Fractionation and purification of the chloroform extract using vacuum and gravity column chromatography yielded thymoquinone, thymol, linoleic acid and ethyl linoleate.
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