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Perkahwinan Campur Peranakan Punjabi di Sabah

Perkahwinan Campur Peranakan Punjabi di Sabah,SARJIT S. GILL

Perkahwinan Campur Peranakan Punjabi di Sabah   (Citations: 1)
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This report begins with a definition of the term peranakan. It then goes on to discuss the process that leads to the creation of a peranakan Punjabi society in Sabah, namely through intermarriages among the Sikh men and the local women. This report is based on interviews and fieldwork in April 2001. Obser- vation in four gurdwara undertaken shows that the peranakan Punjabi pos- sess a unique cultural identity that distinguishes them from Sikhs in Peninsu- lar Malaysia. Nevertheless, they display a commitment towards Sikhism.
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