Strabismus in Premature Infants in the First Year of Life

Strabismus in Premature Infants in the First Year of Life,Don L. Bremer,Earl A. Palmer,Rae R. Fellows,John D. Baker,Robert J. Hardy,Betty Tung,Gary L.

Strabismus in Premature Infants in the First Year of Life   (Citations: 10)
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Objectives: To present the 3- and 12-month strabis- mus data from 3030 premature infants with birth weights less than 1251 g enrolled in the Multicenter Trial of Cryo- therapy for Retinopathy of Prematurity. Design: Data from the 3- and 12-month examinations conducted at 23 regional study centers were tabulated for all infants. The main outcome measure, ocular mo- tility, was compared with baseline demographic vari- ables and retinopathy of prematurity severity for the worse eye. Findings at 3 months were compared with the in- cidence of strabismus at 12 months. Results: At 3 months, 200 (6.6%) of the 3030 infants were strabismic. In the 2449 infants examined at both time points, 289 (11.8%) were found to have strabis- mus at 12 months. Retinopathy of prematurity was sig- nificant for strabismus at both 3 and 12 months (P<.001). The presence of strabismus at 3 months was found to be a highly significant predictor of strabismus at 12 months. Anisometropia, abnormal fixation, and unfavorable reti- nal structure also were significant predictors of strabis- mus at 1 year. The total prevalence of strabismus in the first year of life was 14.7%.
Published in 1998.
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