Influence of length of stay on patient satisfaction with hospital care in Japan

Influence of length of stay on patient satisfaction with hospital care in Japan,10.1093/intqhc/14.6.493,International Journal for Quality in Health Ca

Influence of length of stay on patient satisfaction with hospital care in Japan   (Citations: 12)
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Objective. The objective of this study was to identify specific patient satisfaction items related to overall satisfaction by different length of stay (LOS) for patients in Japanese hospital settings. Methods. This cross-sectional study involved a participant sample, drawn from 77 voluntarily participating hospitals throughout Japan, of in-patients discharged to the community. Older patients and psychiatric, pediatric, obstetric and gynecologic patients were excluded. The 1050 respondents analyzed (response rate (51.1%) were divided into three groups based on their LOS: group 1, LOS Z1 week; group 2, LOS Z1 month; and group 3, LOS >1 month. Using stepwise multiple regression analysis, we explored for each LOS group the relationship between overall patient satisfaction and satisfaction with 33 individual items, including three regarding perceived reputation of the hospital in question. Results. Some unique satisfaction items for each group (e.g. 'skill of nursing care' in group 1, 'Recovery of physical health', 'skill of nursing care', and 'respect for patients opinions and feelings' in group 2, and 'relief from pain' and 'respect for patients' opinions and feelings' in group 3) were significantly associated with overall satisfaction. In all three groups, common items (e.g. 'recovery from distress and anxiety' and 'doctor's clinical competence') also related significantly to overall satisfaction. Two items pertaining to the hospital reputation dimension (e.g. 'family member's evaluation of the hospital' and 'hospital reputation among other patients') were also significant predictors of overall satisfaction in all three groups. Conclusion. The findings show that according to LOS, unique items could determine significantly the achievement of overall satisfaction, while some common predictors across all three LOS groupings also seemed to be indispensable for in- patient's assessment of hospital care. It was also confirmed in this study that a positive perception of hospital reputation might have an important role in patient satisfaction in Japan.
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