La gastritis crónica atrófica corporal y la edad

La gastritis crónica atrófica corporal y la edad,TRABAJOS ORIGINALES,Julián David,Carlos Granados

La gastritis crónica atrófica corporal y la edad  
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SUMMARY A study of cases and controls of 315 patients was realized. Endoscopic biopsies of the gastric body were taken. Following the Sidney methodology, histology changes of chronic gastri- tis, of its activity, of atrophy presence, of intestinal metapla- sia and infection by Helicobacter pylori were studied. Using the multivariate analysis, a positive association was found between greater age of patients and corporal gastric atrophy changes. For patients older than 65 years of age an OR of 3.33 (IC 95% 3.03-3.64) was observed. A similar situation was observed for changes of intestinal metaplasia with an OR 2.97 (IC 95% 2.70-3.24). It was observed that the infection due to Helicobacter pylori de- creases with age for people less than 40 years old OR of 1.72 (IC 95% 1.60-1.84), between the ages of 40 and 64 years old OR 0.84 (IC 95% 0.80-0.88), and for older than 65 years OR of 0.63 (IC 95% 0.58-0.68) and it is strongly associated with the gastric inflammation activity OR 27.63 (IC 95% 24.63-30.63). These results are compatible with the hypothesis that the corporal atrophic chronic gastritis is a charge related to human aging.
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