Imagen social de las bebidas alcohólicas

Imagen social de las bebidas alcohólicas,PASCUAL PASTOR

Imagen social de las bebidas alcohólicas  
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The perception that society has of alcoholic drinks is studied through an analysis of surveys on this subject and a search of the libraries of the biggest circulation na- tional newspapers in addition to other reliable sources. Alcohol forms part of our cultural culture and, in ge- neral, an excessive permissiveness to the consumption -even an abusive one- of alcoholic drinks is to be observed. But, at the same time, everything redolent of alcoholism is rejected. On the one hand, there is an endeavour to bestow a nutritive value, even to protecting one's health, on beer and wine in particular, and on the other, a significant social rejection of abuse is to be seen although there are difficulties in defining what abuse signifies. False popular beliefs that give alcohol a stimulant, calorific and nutritive function and with the ability to provide strength and to increase sexual appetite still persist. Important publicity campaigns with more or less concealed economic interests assist in maintaining these ideas. Alcoholic beverages continue to preoccupy politicians and professionals more that the general public who feel it to be one instrument more in their lives, associated most of all with times of relaxation, fun, company or solitude.
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