Multiple Traffic Signal Control Using A Genetic Algorithm

Multiple Traffic Signal Control Using A Genetic Algorithm,T. Kalganova,G. Russell,A. Cumming

Multiple Traffic Signal Control Using A Genetic Algorithm   (Citations: 2)
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Optimising traffic signal timings for a multiple-junction road network is a difficult but important problem. The essential dif- ficulty of this problem is that the traffic signals need to co- ordinate their behaviours to achieve the common goal of op- timising overall network delay. This paper discusses a novel approach towards the generation of optimal signalling strate- gies, based on the use of a genetic algorithm (GA). This GA optimises the set of signal timings for all junctions in network. The different efficient red and green times for all the signals are determined by genetic algorithm as well as the offset time for each junction. Previous attempts to do this rely on a fixed cycle time, whereas the algorithm described here attempts to opti- mise cycle time for each junction as well as proportion of green times. The fitness function is a measure of the overall delay of the network. The resulting optimised signalling strategies were compared against a well-known civil engineering technique, and conclusions drawn.
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    • ...[3] Therefore, in order to improve the search capacity of genetic algorithm optimization in traffic timing and rationalize the signal timing optimization, this paper will have a research on that adaptive genetic algorithm is used in intersection signal timing and optimization...

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