Atypical Dyslexia: Visual Deficits and Literacy Development

Atypical Dyslexia: Visual Deficits and Literacy Development,James M. Hodgson,Aviva A. Wasserman

Atypical Dyslexia: Visual Deficits and Literacy Development  
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We explore the visual and written language development of dizygous male twins, (AB and BB), in the initial phase of a pair of longitudinal cognitive neuropsychological case studies. Though the twins share a diagnosis of phonological dyslexia, each has another domain of difficulty. One twin, BB, demonstrates significant difficulties in visual working memory and visual orientation. The other twin, AB, has been diagnosed with ADHD with manifestations of impulsivity and hyperactivity. An attempt is made to assess the separate impacts these visual, attentional and phonological difficulties on the development of reading and writing. We consider the implications of these cases for theories of normal visual development and its pathologies and for our understanding of the complex process of acquiring written language. Finally, we describe compensatory strategies these children have adopted and consider the implications of such cases for diagnostic and instructional practice.
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