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Inductive Reasoning: A Training Approach

Inductive Reasoning: A Training Approach,10.3102/0034654307313402,Review of Educational Research,Karl Josef Klauer,Gary D. Phye

Inductive Reasoning: A Training Approach   (Citations: 12)
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Journal: Review of Educational Research - REV EDUC RES , vol. 78, no. 1, pp. 85-123, 2008
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    • ...Several studies have shown transfer effects between tasks that tested the same concept such as theory of mind (Slaughter & Gopnik, 1996), symbolic representation (DeLoache, 1991; DeLoache, Simcock, & Marzolf, 2004; Marzolf & DeLoache, 1994), and inductive reasoning (Klauer, Willmes, & Phye, 2002; see also Klauer & Phye, 2008, for a meta-analysis)...

    Lai-Sang Iaoet al. Further Evidence for Nonspecificity of Theory of Mind in Preschoolers:...

    • ...According to Klauer and Phye (2008), cognitive training activities stimulating students’ cognitive abilities of finding similarities and/or differences among attributes and relations of objects can significantly improve learning by facilitating the construction of inductive reasoning schemas...
    • theory at work The implementation of the cognitive training theory allowed the researchers to improve academic learning of the subject matter, ESL grammar and vocabulary (Klauer and Phye 2008) 1. It is a good way to learn grammar, makes you think...

    Natalya A. Koehleret al. A design study of a multimedia instructional grammar program with embe...

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