Stability of Cefazolin Sodium Eye Drops

Stability of Cefazolin Sodium Eye Drops,Anutra Khangtragool

Stability of Cefazolin Sodium Eye Drops  
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In this study, the influence of storage temperature on the stability of cefazo - lin sodium in Tears Naturale II (33 mg/ml) was evaluated. Cefazolin sodium was reconstituted in Tears naturale II and the solutions stored at 4°C and 28°C for 28 days. The effects of different storage temperatures on the stability and microbial contamination were examined. The fortified stock solutions of cefazolin sodium were prepared by recon - stituting with water for injection and with Tears Naturale II. The stability was evaluated by measuring the absorbance spectrum and pH. During the study period, the levels of contamination of all of the solutions were examined by tryptic soy broth for 24-48 hours. Throughout the 28-day period, no change was observed in the percentage of the labeled amount of cefazolin sodium stored at 4°C, but the percentage at 28°C decreased after 7 days (p<0.05). The pH of the eye drops was in the range of 3.5-10.5 which is usually tolerable by the eyes. No contamination was found in any of the solutions during the study period. The main conclusions to be drawn from this study are that if topical forti- fied cefazolin sodium solutions are to be used for longer than 7 days, they should be stored at 4°C while those stored at 28°C should be discarded after 7 days.
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