Q-Gene: processing quantitative real-time RT-PCR data

Q-Gene: processing quantitative real-time RT-PCR data,10.1093/bioinformatics/btg157,Perikles Simon

Q-Gene: processing quantitative real-time RT-PCR data   (Citations: 135)
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Summary: Q-Gene is an application for the processing of quantitative real-time RT-PCR data. It offers the user the possibility to freely choose between two principally differ- ent procedures to calculate normalized gene expressions as either means of Normalized Expressions or Mean Nor- malized Expressions. In this contribution it will be shown that the calculation of Mean Normalized Expressions has to be used for processing simplex PCR data, while mul- tiplex PCR data should preferably be processed by calcu- lating Normalized Expressions. The two procedures, which are currently in widespread use and regarded as more or less equivalent alternatives, should therefore specifically be applied according to the quantification procedure used. Availability: Web access to this program is provided at
Published in 2003.
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