Surface Treatment with Boron for Corrosion Protection

Surface Treatment with Boron for Corrosion Protection,Naruemon Suwattananont,Roumiana S. Petrova,James L. Zunino,Daniel P. Schmidt

Surface Treatment with Boron for Corrosion Protection  
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This paper presents the effect of boronizing on metallic materials. The coatings were produced by thermo-chemical treatment with powder mixtures at high temperature. The microstructure of obtained coatings was investigated, the microhardness was measured, and corrosion resistance was tested. Microhardness of the obtained boron coatings was measured. Corrosion tests were performed by using electro-chemical method. The corrosion rates from Tafel plots, the corrosion behavior of an active-passive coating were observed by using potentiostat. The boronized and not treated coupons were tested in salt fog, following ASTM B117. Optical microscopy was used to investigate the microstructure and measure the thickness of the diffusion boron coatings. To understand the structure, phase composition of the coatings XRD was used. It has been shown that the properties of the diffusion layers depend on their thickness, structure, chemical and phase composition as well as on kinetic parameters used in the process. The thickness of the boride coating varies by the type of the substrate material. Results indicated that the presence of boron coating on metallic materials improved their microhardness and corrosion resistance.
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