Development of the Job Diagnostic Survey

Development of the Job Diagnostic Survey,10.1037/h0076546,Journal of Applied Psychology,J. Richard Hackman,Greg R. Oldham

Development of the Job Diagnostic Survey   (Citations: 1143)
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Describes the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS) which is intended to (a) diagnose existing jobs to determine whether (and how) they might be redesigned to improve employee motivation and productivity and (b) evaluate the effects of job changes on employees. The instrument is based on a specific theory of how job design affects work motivation, and provides measures of (a) objective job dimensions, (b) individual psychological states resulting from these dimensions, (c) affective reactions of employees to the job and work setting, and (d) individual growth need strength (interpreted as the readiness of individuals to respond to "enriched" jobs). Reliability and validity data are summarized for 658 employees on 62 different jobs in 7 organizations who responded to a revised version of the instrument.
Journal: Journal of Applied Psychology - J APPL PSYCHOL , vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 159-170, 1975
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