Development and Validation of the Childhood Narcissism Scale

Development and Validation of the Childhood Narcissism Scale,10.1080/00223890802108162,Journal of Personality Assessment,Sander Thomaes,Hedy Stegge,Br

Development and Validation of the Childhood Narcissism Scale   (Citations: 13)
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In this article, we describe the development and validation of a short (10 item) but comprehensive self-report measure of childhood narcissism. The Childhood Narcissism Scale (CNS) is a 1-dimensional measure of stable individual differences in childhood narcissism with strong internal consistency reliability (Studies 1–4). The CNS is virtually unrelated to conventional measures of self-esteem but is positively related to self-appraised superiority, social evaluative concern and self-esteem contingency, agentic interpersonal goals, and emotional extremity (Study 5). Furthermore, the CNS is negatively related to empathic concern and positively related to aggression following ego threat (Study 6). These results suggest that childhood narcissism has similar psychological and interpersonal correlates as adult narcissism. The CNS provides researchers a convenient tool for measuring narcissism in children and young adolescents with strong preliminary psychometric characteristics.
Journal: Journal of Personality Assessment - J PERSONAL ASSESS , vol. 90, no. 4, pp. 382-391, 2008
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    • ...There is reason to assume that preadolescent children themselves are indeed capable of rating these traits through self-report as children from approximately 9 years of age have been shown to reliably and meaningfully report on constructs related to psychopathy such as empathy (Bryant 1982), guilt (Ferguson et al. 2000) and narcissism (Thomaes et al. 2008)...

    Yoast van Baardewijket al. Self-Reported Psychopathic Traits in Children: Their Stability and Con...

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