How Can We Improve School Safety Research?

How Can We Improve School Safety Research?,10.3102/0013189X09357619,Educational Researcher,Ron Avi Astor,Nancy Guerra,Richard Van Acker

How Can We Improve School Safety Research?   (Citations: 4)
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The authors of this article consider how education researchers can improve school violence and school safety research by (a) examining gaps in theoretical, conceptual, and basic research on the phenomena of school violence; (b) reviewing key issues in the design and evaluation of evidence-based practices to prevent school violence; and (c) suggesting new directions for a translational science agenda that can inform policy and practice. The authors describe international empirical approaches that help match annual school safety monitoring data with specific evidence-based practices for each school site, school district, or region. The systemic exploration of successful large-scale applications of evidence-based programs at the district, regional, and state levels could inform theoretical paradigms, empirical databases, and practice.
Journal: Educational Researcher , vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 69-78, 2010
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    • ...The provision has engendered much debate about whether school discipline reports and police referrals reflect accurately the prevalence of violence in schools, and whether USCO addresses meaningfully how violence affects students and staff (Astor, Guerra, & Van Acker, 2010; Cornell, 2006; Gooden, Harrington, Findlay, & King, 2008; Johnson, Naumann, Steed, & Hennessey, 2002; Schreck & Miller, 2003; Skiba et al, 2004)...

    Karen J. DeAngeliset al. Books or Guards? Charter School Security Costs

    • ...In their analysis of school safety research, Astor, Guerra, and Van Acker (2010) noted the lack of research on the impact of school discipline and supervisory practices on school safety conditions, as well as the need for empirical research specifically concerned with aggression and violence in a school context...

    Dewey Cornellet al. Development, Evaluation, and Future Directions of the Virginia Student...

    • ...This research approach is identical to the one proposed by Astor, Guerra, and Van Acker (2010) who suggest to apply large‐scale evidence‐based programmes at the district, regional and state levels to improve school safety in the USA...

    Ton Mooij. Secondary school teachers' personal and school characteristics, experi...

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