Face recognition using eigenfaces

Face recognition using eigenfaces,10.1109/CVPR.1991.139758,Matthew A. Turk,Alex P. Pentland

Face recognition using eigenfaces   (Citations: 1702)
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An approach to the detection and identification of human faces is presented, and a working, near-real-time face recognition system which tracks a subject's head and then recognizes the person by comparing characteristics of the face to those of known individuals is described. This approach treats face recognition as a two-dimensional recognition problem, taking advantage of the fact that faces are normally upright and thus may be described by a small set of 2-D characteristic views. Face images are projected onto a feature space (`face space') that best encodes the variation among known face images. The face space is defined by the `eigenfaces', which are the eigenvectors of the set of faces; they do not necessarily correspond to isolated features such as eyes, ears, and noses. The framework provides the ability to learn to recognize new faces in an unsupervised manner
Conference: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - CVPR , pp. 586-591, 1991
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