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Pleurodese. Pleurodesis

Pleurodese. Pleurodesis,Eduardo Haruo Saito,Rodolfo Acatauassú Nunes,Cláudio Higa,Saito EH,Nunes RA,Higa C. Pleurodese

Pleurodese. Pleurodesis  
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Pleurodesis is a most recommended treatment for recurrent and symptomatic pleural eff usion, as it obliterates pleural space. Not only pleura eff usion unresponsive to clinical management (recurrent malignant pleural eff usion and non-malignant chronic eff usion) is treated with pleurodesis, but also repetitive pneumothorax. Several studies searched for the ideal agent to induce pleurodesis, taking in account not only its ability to promote adhesion between the two layers recovering the lung, but its collateral eff ects too. In this literature review, we tried to focus on the various ways to induce pelurodesis, as well as on the several agents that can be used to achieve this goal.
Published in 2006.
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