Dientes supernumerarios: un problema frecuente en odontopediatría

Dientes supernumerarios: un problema frecuente en odontopediatría,M ARIA E UGENIA

Dientes supernumerarios: un problema frecuente en odontopediatría  
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The supernumerary teeth refer to a condition characterized by the presence of a number of teeth more than the normal, in the dental arch. The previous supernumerary teeth unerupted are a frequent cause of disturbances of the eruption of permanent teeth. The diagnosis and treatment of these pieces becomes necessary to avoid later complications that could alter the dental arch. The present article describes the case of a 9-year-old masculine patient with supernumerary teeth loca- ted for palatine of the central permanent incisors which were retained by the same situation. After having obtained a good diagnosis, to solve the situation it was decided to realize the surgical inter- vention, extraction of the supernumerary and traction with orthodontics of the central permanent retained incisors. Keys Word: supernumerary teeth, retained permanent incisors, surgical intervention.
Published in 2006.
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