Wind Speed Analysis in the East Coast of Malaysia

Wind Speed Analysis in the East Coast of Malaysia,Azami Zaharim,Bangi Selangor,Siti Khadijah Najid,Ahmad Mahir Razali

Wind Speed Analysis in the East Coast of Malaysia   (Citations: 1)
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Malaysia possesses a very good potential of renewable energy. Recently, wind energy conversion is given a serious consideration in Malaysia. Since this country lies in the equatorial region and its climate is governed by the monsoons, the potential for wind energy generation in Malaysia is very much dependent on the availability of the wind resource that varies with specific location. Wind energy is an alternative clean energy source compared to fossil fuel, which can be harmful and pollutes the layer of the atmosphere. In the present study, the wind speed data were obtained from an established university located in the east coast of Malaysia. Measured over two years period, the probability distributions derived from the wind speed data and their distributional parameters are identified. Three types of probability distributions have been used to estimate the wind energy potential in Kuala Terengganu, the east coast Malaysia. A comparison is made on the ability to describe the experimental mean wind power density. The numerical and graphical results obtained from the specific statistical that Weibull and Gamma distribution, whose parameters are estimated using the maximum likelihood principle, provide the best fits for the year 2005 and 2006 respectively.
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