The Millennial Student: A New Generation of Learners

The Millennial Student: A New Generation of Learners,Michele Monaco,Malissa Martin

The Millennial Student: A New Generation of Learners   (Citations: 5)
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Objective: Each generation comes to college with varying characteristics that distinguish them from their predecessors. Teaching has evolved into a learning centered classroom that focuses on student learning rather than on teacher delivery. The p urpose of this ar ticle i s t o i ntroduce the M illennial Student and identify various characteristics t hat influence teaching and learning. Background: A new generation of learners has immersed themselves in the college classroom. They are determined, driven achievers who depend on technology and their support system. The m ethod of teaching t en y ears ago is not the method to achieve learning with this generation. T heir characteristics mimic the characteristics of the Silent Generation, those who were born between the years of 1925- 1942, and are no w gr andparents t o t he Millennial. The Millennial are quite opposite of their predecessors, Generation X. Description: There are key descriptors of the Millennial Generation that d efine their characteristics as a society. These characteristics are identified with a strategy to understand and use as teachers implement l earning. A paradigm shift is occur ring, and higher education ca nnot ignore the needs of these students. Teachers are taking on various roles in and out of the classroom to achieve student learning and successful teaching. Athletic training education serves the Millennial Generation not only in the classroom, but in the clinical setting as well. A new understanding of this student allows educators to develop learning skills didactically and clinically. Advantages: Through the evo lution o f society, media, technology, and communication, teachers must understand their audience in order to develop instructional methods and delivery styles that will produce effective learning outcomes in the Millennial Student.
Published in 2007.
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