Vector median filters

Vector median filters,10.1109/5.54807,Proceedings of The IEEE,J. Astola,P. Haavisto,Y. Neuvo

Vector median filters   (Citations: 529)
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Two nonlinear algorithms for processing vector-valued signals are introduced. The algorithms, called vector median operations, are derived from two multidimensional probability density functions using the maximum-likelihood-estimate approach. The underlying probability densities are exponential, and the resulting operations have properties very similar to those of the median filter. In the vector median approach, the samples of the vector-valued input signal are processed as vectors. The operation inherently utilizes the correlation between the signal components, giving the filters some desirable properties. General properties as well as the root signals of the vector median filters are studied. The vector median operation is combined with linear filtering, resulting in filters with improved noise attenuation and filters with very good edge response. An efficient algorithm for implementing long vector median filters is presented. The noise attenuation of the filters is discussed, and an application to velocity filtering is shown
Journal: Proceedings of The IEEE - PIEEE , vol. 78, no. 4, pp. 678-689, 1990
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