Ultraviolet Emitting SrS:Te Thin Films

Ultraviolet Emitting SrS:Te Thin Films,J. M. Fitz-Gerald,J. Hoekstra,J. D. Fowlkes,P. D. Rack

Ultraviolet Emitting SrS:Te Thin Films  
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In the bulk SrS has an indirect bandgap of ~ 4.32 eV. When SrS is doped with tellurium, ultraviolet emission occurs at 360 nm (for singlet) and 400nm (for Te-Te dim ers) due to recombination from bound exciton states. In this paper we discuss the ultraviolet emission of pulsed laser deposited thin films of SrS:Te grown at room temperature on Si. Deposited film thickness ranged from 0.1 - 1.5 μm, with optimized films grown at ~0.5 μm to avoid peeling and cracking. Te doping was incorporated by both ion implantation and conventional diffusion of deposited Te capping films. The characteristics of the ultraviolet emission will be discussed along with results from microstructural, chemical and optical characterization techniques.
Published in 2003.
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