Mathematical theory and calculations of magnetic hysteresis curves

Mathematical theory and calculations of magnetic hysteresis curves,10.1109/20.92354,IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,M. L. Hodgdon

Mathematical theory and calculations of magnetic hysteresis curves   (Citations: 30)
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The differential equation, par. deltaH/par. deltat = ..cap alpha..chemically bondpar. deltaB/par. deltatchemically bond(f(B) - H) + par. deltaB/par. deltatg(B, par. deltaB/par. deltat), in which the constant ..cap alpha.. and the material functions f and g are suitably restricted, forms a theory of rate-independent and rate-dependent hysteresis in ferrites, ferromagnetic materials, magnetic thin films, and permanent magnetic materials. The theory provides mathematical expressions for the initial magnetization curve, the anhysteretic curve, the major loop, the symmetric and asymmetric minor loops, and the energy loss associated with their traversal. Functional forms for f and g that can be scaled to measured values of the closure point, the remanence, the coercivity and, for rate-independent applications, the nonlinear changes in the loop area and energy loss that accompany increases in the rates par. deltaB/par. deltat and par. deltaH/par. deltat, are discussed. By allowing the material parameters to depend on angle, the variations in loop shape and coercive point with angle observed in uniaxially anisotropic materials are described. Sample calculations are presented for representative materials. 4 refs., 5 figs.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics - IEEE TRANS MAGN , vol. 24, no. 6, pp. 3120-3122, 1988
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