What Is a Pixel?,10.1109/MCG.2005.119,IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications,James F. Blinn

What Is a Pixel?   (Citations: 5)
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The total list of processing required to view a pixel includes antialiasing, offset sampling, color space projection, reconstruction filter compensation, compositing, gamma correction, and quantization and dithering. If we look at all these operations we can see a pattern: Almost all of them throw away information. When we filter out high frequencies, quantize intensities into bins, project a continuous color spectrum into three numbers, and represent geometric edges with a single transparency value we can see that an ordinary-hardware pixel, either refreshed on the screen or stored in a file, is simply a bad data compression technique. Any rendering algorithm or image processing operation that converts data to pixels generally loses information about the original data that it uses as input. A few polygons become thousands of pixels; a high-resolution image becomes a low-resolution image. Conversion to pixels for viewing purposes used to be a slow operation, but with faster processors we no longer need to do the image generation offline for speed purposes. We can recalculate the image whenever we need to look at it.
Journal: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications - CGA , vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 82-87, 2005
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    • ...The usual justi� cation given for the model in Equation (1) is the mechanism of transparency [6]...

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    • ...Two papers which discuss this problem in ways we pay particular attention to are those due to Blinn[3] and to Smith[19]...
    • ...Blinn[3] discusses eleven distinct ways in which to consider what a pixel actually is and this includes a discussion of the relationship between a sample and a sensor which generate samples, while Smith[19] makes a strong argument for not considering a pixel as being a square over which some simple form of integration is done (e.g...

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    • ...Subpixel rendering and anti-aliasing are some well-known techniques to take advantage of the pixel geometry and arrangement to increase the perceived resolution of the display [4,5]...

    Keigo Hirakawaet al. Fourier Domain Display Color Filter Array Design

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