Electrical conductivity of seawater

Electrical conductivity of seawater,10.1109/JOE.1980.1145449,IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering,A. L. BRADSHAW,K. Schleicher

Electrical conductivity of seawater   (Citations: 2)
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Measurements of some temperature and pressure dependent relationships of the electrical conductivity of seawater at various salinities were made using four-electrode conductivity cells. At atmospheric pressure the measurements were of the effect of temperature over the range from the freezing point to about35degC on 1)r_{T}(the ratio of the electrical conductivity of35permilseawater at temperature T to that at15degC) and 2)R_{T}(the ratio of the electrical conductivity of a given seawater at temperatureTto that of35permilseawater at the same temperature) at various salinities. The results under 1) have been combined with those of Dauphinee [1] and expressed as a fourth degree equation in temperature by Perkin and Lewis [2]. The results under 2) confirm the temperature dependence of the findings of Dauphinee [1] and of Poisson [4] forR_{T}as a function of salinity (weight dilution) at various temperatures. Measurements of the effect of pressure on the electrical conductivity of seawater were made for salinities of 2, 14, 22, and35permilover pressure and temperature ranges of 0 to 1000 bars above atmospheric pressure and the freezing point to30degC, respectively. These results complement those of our earlier work [5] using a two-electrode conductivity cell on 31, 35, and39permilsalinity seawaters over approximately the same pressure and temperature ranges. "Best" least squares polynomial fits in pressure and temperature to the new and to the old observed values of percentage increase in conductivity at35permilagree within the equivalent of0.006permilsalinity at 1000 bars. The accuracy of the new results, which at35permilis probably not worse than the equivalent of0.003permilsalinity at 1000 bars, is superior to that of the earlier ones. Perkin and Lewis [2] have fitted rational functions inP, T, R,andsqrt{R}whereRis the ratio of the electrical conductivity atP, T,and salinitySto that at 0 bars,15degC and35permil, to the combined old and new edited data. They obtained a standard deviation of 1.3-ppm salinity fo- r their oceanographic fit and a standard deviation of 1.3-ppm salinity for their general fit.
Journal: IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering - IEEE J OCEANIC ENG , vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 50-62, 1980
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