Real-Time Avatar Animation Steered by Live Body Motion

Real-Time Avatar Animation Steered by Live Body Motion,10.1007/11553595_18,Oliver Schreer,Ralf Tanger,Peter Eisert,Peter Kauff,Bernhard Kaspar,Roman E

Real-Time Avatar Animation Steered by Live Body Motion   (Citations: 3)
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The future customer service provided by call centres will be changed due to new web-based interactive multimedia technologies. Technical support will be offered in a completely new way by using advanced image processing technologies and natural representation of virtual humans. We present a prototype system of an animated avatar, which is steered by live body motion of the operator in a call centre. The hand and head motion is transferred directly to the avatar at the customer side in order to support a more natural representation of the virtual human. The system tracks the operators hands and the head motion quite robust in real-time without specific initialization based on a monocular camera.
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    • ...Schreer et al. [10, 11, 1] have developed a prototype system of an advanced video-communication service that provides a video representation of the remote chat partner without transmitting video data...
    • ...This can be done without loss of generality because the rotation matrix and the translation vector that relate the standard camera reference system to the world reference system can be estimated from a standard calibration algorithm [7] or from a few parameters approximately measured by the user [11]...

    Samuele Saltiet al. Real-time 3d arm pose estimation from monocular video for enhanced HCI

    • ...Although the algorithms for rendering and tracking can be used for any application related to facial animation like text-driven animation (26), manmachine interfaces, and avatar control (27), we focus in this context on the application of virtual conferencing which has some implications on the settings and the experiments made...

    Peter Eisertet al. Geometry-assisted image-based rendering for facial analysis and synthe...

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