Query optimization by Genetic Algorithms

Query optimization by Genetic Algorithms,Suhail S. J. Owais,Pavel Krömer,Václav Snásel

Query optimization by Genetic Algorithms   (Citations: 2)
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This study investigated the use of Genetic algorithms in In- formation retrieval in the area of optimizing a Boolean query. A query with Boolean logical operators was used in information retrieval. For Ge- netic algorithms, encoding chromosomes was done from Boolean query; where it was represented in the form of tree prefix with indexing for all terms and all Boolean logical operators. Information retrieval eective- ness measures precision and recall used as a fitness function in our work. Other Genetic algorithms operators were used as single point crossover on Boolean logical operators, and mutation operator was used to ex- change one of the Boolean operators and, or, and xor with any other one. The goal is to retrieve most relevant documents with less number of nonrelevant documents with respect to user query in Information re- trieval system using genetic programming.
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