Load Balance Algorithms for Anycast

Load Balance Algorithms for Anycast,Shui Yu,Wanlei Zhou,John Casey

Load Balance Algorithms for Anycast  
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Increasingly, replicated anycast servers are being used to deliver network applications and service ever increasing user requests. Therefore, the strategies used to guarantee network bandwidth pre- requisites and perform load balancing across the nodes of an anycast group are critical to the performance of online applications. In this paper, we model user requests, network congestion and latency, and server load using a combination of hydro-dynamics and queuing theory to develop an efficient job distribution strategy. Current, anycast research does not explicitly consider the system load of nodes within an anycast groups when distributing requests. Therefore, the performance of a heavily loaded anycast system can quickly become congested and uneven as jobs are routed to closely linked nodes which are already saturated with requests. In comparison, the nodes of further away systems remain relatively unused because of other issues such as network bandwidth and latency during these times. Our system redirects requests from busy systems to the idle, remotely linked nodes, to process requests faster in spite of slower network access. Using an empirical study, we show this technique can improve request performance, and throughput with minimal network probing overhead.
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