Pragmatization Of Conceptual Modelling

Pragmatization Of Conceptual Modelling,Pär J. Ågerfalk,Owen Eriksson

Pragmatization Of Conceptual Modelling   (Citations: 1)
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The aim of the paper is to show how speech act theory can be used in systems development as a theoretical foundation for conceptual modelling. The specific issue addressed is how to make explicit the connection between the conceptual model and the pragmatic use of the information system within a social action context. This implies an integration of traditional conceptual modelling with action- oriented business modelling based on speech act theory. With such an approach it is possible to reconcile traditional conceptual modelling and the pragmatic aspects of language and computer use. It is argued that such reconciliation is essential in order to arrive at systems that provide relevant information to users and in which users can trace responsibilities for information, actions and commitments made.
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