A TSQL2 tutorial,10.1145/187436.187449,Sigmod Record,Richard Thomas Snodgrass,Ilsoo Ahn,Gad Ariav,Don S. Batory,James Clifford,Curtis E. Dyreson,Ramez

A TSQL2 tutorial   (Citations: 14)
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Richard Thomas Snodgrass, Ilsoo Ahn, Gad Ariav, Don S. Batory, James Clifford, Curtis E. Dyreson, Ramez Elmasri, Fabio Grandi, Christian S. Jensen, Wolfgang Käfer, Nick Kline, Krishna G. Kulkarnihttp://academic.research.microsoft.com/io.ashx?type=5&id=215494&selfId1=0&selfId2=0&maxNumber=12&query=
This tutorial presents the primary constructs of the consensus temporal query lan- guage TSQL2 via a media planning scenario. Media planning is a series of deci- sions involved in the delivery of a promotional message via mass media. We will follow the planning of a particular advertising campaign. We intro- duce the scenario by identifying the marketing objective. The media plan involves placing commercials, and is recorded in a temporal database. The media plan must then be evaluated; we show how TSQL2 can be used to derive information from the stored data. We then give examples that illustrate storing and querying indetermi- nate information, comparing multiple versions of the media plan, accommodating changes to the schema, and vacuuming a temporal database of old data.
Journal: Sigmod Record , vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 27-33, 1994
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