Embedded Computation Meets the World-Wide-Web

Embedded Computation Meets the World-Wide-Web,Communications of The ACM,Gaetano Borriello,Roy Want

Embedded Computation Meets the World-Wide-Web   (Citations: 51)
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Two important trends are converging to bring about a radical transformation in the operation of our world. First, the computer industry's remarkable ability to squeeze more and more transistors into a smaller and smaller area of silicon is increasing the computational abilities of our devices, while simultaneously decreasing their cost and power consumption. Second, the proliferation of wired and wireless networking spurred by the development of the world-wide web and demands for mobile access are enabling low-cost connectivity among computing devices. It is now possible to connect not only our desktop machines, but every computing device into a true world- wide web that connects the physical world of sensors and actuators to the virtual world of our information utilities and services. What amazing new applications and services will result? How will ubiquitous computation affect our everyday lives? Will the long envisioned invisible computing paradigm finally be possible? This paper explores these questions while providing an overview of the capabilities of the new wave of embedded devices.
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