Extended direct mode for hierarchical B picture coding

Extended direct mode for hierarchical B picture coding,10.1109/ICIP.2005.1530042,Jiali Zheng,Xiangyang Ji,Guangnan Ni,Wen Gao,Feng Wu

Extended direct mode for hierarchical B picture coding   (Citations: 2)
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Abstract—In 3D subband coding, Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) technique, especially with the adaptive 5/3 wavelet kernel, efficiently exploits the temporal correlation among neighboring pictures. It can be achieved alternatively by the hierarchical B picture coding technique with the same decomposition as the temporal 5/3 lifting structure but without update step. This technique has been supported by H.264/AVC [1] with stored B technique. The performance of hierarchical B obviously outperforms that of the conventional IBBP…GOP structure. Direct mode which derives motion vectors from the colocated block of backward reference and does not require any bits for coding motion vectors is a very efficient bi-prediction technique for B pictures coding. Considering that the forward motion vectors inthe backward reference is not available when it belongs to block only with backward motion vector, in this paper, we propose an extended direct mode for hierarchical B picture coding to further improve the accuracy of derived motion vectors. It effectively utilizes the forward and backward motion vectors of the co-located blocks in references for scaling. Keywords-hierarchical B picture; extended direct mode
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    • ...Firstly, inspired bythe work on the enhanced temporal direct mode coding for the hierarchical B-picture coding in H.264/AVC [19], in which the motion vectors for each block are allowed to be derived from the temporally not only subsequent reference picture, as in H.264/AVC but also previous reference picture, in the proposed algorithm, the motion vectors of each block in the lost picture can be recovered from the motion vector of the ...

    Xiangyang Jiet al. Concealment of Whole-Picture Loss in Hierarchical B-Picture Scalable V...

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