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Cordial labeling of mKn

Cordial labeling of mKn,10.1016/S0012-365X(95)00336-U,Discrete Mathematics,David Kuo,Gerard J. Chang,Y. H. Harris Kwong

Cordial labeling of mKn   (Citations: 8)
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Suppose G = (V,E) is a graph with vertex set V and edge set E. A vertex labeling f : V → {0, 1} induces an edge labeling f∗ : E → {0, 1} defined by f∗(xy) = |f(x) − f(y)|. For iϵ {0, 1}, let vf(i) and ef(i) be the number of vertices v and edges e with f(v) = i and f∗(e) = i, respectively. A graph G is cordial if there exists a vertex labeling f such that |vf(0) − vf(1)| ⩽ 1 and |ef(0) − ef(1)| ⩽ 1. This paper determines all m and n for which mKn is cordial.
Journal: Discrete Mathematics - DM , vol. 169, no. 1-3, pp. 121-131, 1997
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