A Model for Diversity Training in Human Service Agencies

A Model for Diversity Training in Human Service Agencies,10.1300/J147v22n04_02,Administration in Social Work,Cheryl Hyde

A Model for Diversity Training in Human Service Agencies   (Citations: 11)
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Journal: Administration in Social Work - ADMIN SOC WORK , vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 19-33, 1998
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    • ...A number of studies have focused on the specific skills that human service administrators and middle managers need to develop in order to be effective, including: management technology, leadership skills, organizational change, decision making, management of diversity, cultural competence, program monitoring and accountability, financial management, personnel administration, and supervision (Cashman, 1978; Dane, 1983; Dolan, 2002; Doueck & Austin, 1986; Fong & Gibbs, 1995; Gutierrez, Kruzich, Jones, & Coronado, 2000; Hyde, 1998; Perlmutter, 1988)...

    Michael J. Austinet al. Building Managerial and Organizational Capacity in Nonprofit Human Ser...

    • ...With regard to training staff, there has been considerable interest over the past decade in identifying the best approaches to enhancing staff involvement in understanding diversity and acquiring cultural competence (Gutierrez et al, 2000; Hyde, 1998; Steiner et al, 2003)...

    Julian Chun-Chung Chowet al. The Culturally Responsive Social Service Agency: The Application of an...

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