A Survey of Identity-Based Cryptography

A Survey of Identity-Based Cryptography,J. Baek,R. Safavi-naini,J. Hindmarsh,W. Susilo

A Survey of Identity-Based Cryptography   (Citations: 18)
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Abstract In this paper, we survey the state of research on identity-based cryptography. We start from reviewing the basic concepts of identity-based encryption and signature schemes, and subse- quently review some important identity-based cryptographic schemes based on the bilinear pairing, a computational primitive widely used to build up various identity-based cryptographic schemes in the current literature. We also survey the cryptographic schemes such as a \certiflcate- based encryption scheme" and a \public key en- cryption scheme with keyword search", which were able to be constructed thanks to the suc- cessful realization of identity-based encryption. Finally, we discuss how feasible and under what conditions identity-based cryptography may,be used in current and future environments and pro- pose some interesting open problems concerning with practical and theoretical aspects of identity- based cryptography.
Published in 2004.
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