Scientific Methods in Computer Science

Scientific Methods in Computer Science,Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Scientific Methods in Computer Science   (Citations: 5)
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This paper analyzes scientific aspects of Computer Science. First it defines science and scientific method in general. It gives a discus- sion of relations between science, research, development and tech- nology. The existing theory of science (Popper, Carnap, Kuhn, Chalmers) has Physics as an ideal. Not many sciences come close to that ideal. Philosophy of Science (Theory of Science) as it is today is not of much help when trying to analyze Computer Science. Computer Science is a new field and its object of investigation (uni- verse) is a computer, which is an ever-developing artifact, the mate- rialization of the ideas that try to structure knowledge and the infor- mation about the world, including computers themselves. However different, Computer Science has its basis in Logic and Mathematics, and both theoretical and experimental research meth- ods follow patterns of classical scientific fields. Computer modeling and simulation as a method is specific for the discipline, and it is going to develop even more in the future, not only applied to com- puters, but also to other scientific as well as commercial and artistic fields.
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