Johann Peter Süssmilch: A German Prophet in Foreign Countries

Johann Peter Süssmilch: A German Prophet in Foreign Countries,10.1080/0032472031000142526,Population Studies-a Journal of Demography,Jacqueline Hecht

Johann Peter Süssmilch: A German Prophet in Foreign Countries   (Citations: 2)
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The clergyman Johann Peter Süssmilch (1707–1767), chaplain to King Frederick II of Prussia, deserves to be called the father of German demography and was recognized as such in his own lifetime in his country of origin and throughout Europe, except possibly in France and Italy. In his Göttliche Ordnung (1741 and 1761–2), he attempted to explain the regularity of vital phenomena as being due to divine intervention. His conception of a ‘divine’ order soon gave way to that of a ‘natural’ order. His life tables, though incorrect, continued to be used by insurance offices well into the nineteenth century. His views about the relationships between mortality on one hand, and fertility and nuptiality on the other led to controversies between Malthus, Sadler and other scholars. Later, his ideas were given a broader economic and social interpretation. Whether as the last representative of ‘primitive’ demography, or the first scientific scholar of the subject, he contributed to the triumph of political arithmetic throughout Europe.
Journal: Population Studies-a Journal of Demography - POP STUD-J DEMOGR , vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 31-58, 1987
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