LIFbase: Database and Spectral Simulation

LIFbase: Database and Spectral Simulation,J. Luque,D. R. Crosley

LIFbase: Database and Spectral Simulation   (Citations: 6)
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Published in 1999.
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    • ...We have therefore carefully validated the SPECAIR model for this transition, first in relative intensity by comparison with high resolution spectra computed with the LIFBASE code [Luque and Crosley, 1999], and second in absolute intensity by comparison with a well-characterized, mediumresolution emission spectrum calibrated in absolute intensity, measured at Stanford University [Laux, 1993; Laux et al., 2003]...
    • ...[36] We have validated the SPECAIR predictions in relative intensities under equilibrium (TLTE = 7000 K) and nonequilibrium conditions (Tvib =T elec = 4000 K and Trot = Tgas = 7000 K) by comparison with the spectroscopic code LIFBASE developed by Luque and Crosley [1999], and which provides spectra in relative intensities...

    L. Caillaultet al. Radiative heating predictions for Huygens entry

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