Negative Effects of Agriculture on Our Environment

Negative Effects of Agriculture on Our Environment,Elizabeth Rodriguez,Ryan Sultan,Amy Hilliker

Negative Effects of Agriculture on Our Environment   (Citations: 1)
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Agriculture has b een a practice in use for hundreds o f ye ars. It provides c ountless p eople with sustenance and livelihood all over th e world. H owever, w ith agriculture, a nimal f arming in particular, comes great risk. Agriculture increases carbon dioxide levels a considerable amount, making it one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions for decades. Animal waste from farms contains harmful pathogens such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia duodenalis, both of which are known to cause disease and infection. B y getting into soil a nd water s ystems th ey create irreversible damage to land and pose health risks towards humans. These problems lead both directly and i ndirectly t o t hese health ri sks, and may causes disorders such as hep atitis and meningitis. Fertilizers also put forth several complications. They contain harmful elements such as nitrogen and phosphates, both of which negatively affect air and water quality. Its use causes the release of ammonia, nitrogen runoff and eutrophication, all of which have negative effects on the environment. The practice of agriculture has been around for hundreds of years and ha s bec ome a basic way of life for a majority of the world. Gradually over the years, agricultural processes have flourished a nd become m ore efficient. However, now with new research and technological developments, scientists have found the negative effects that farms have had on the environment. All around the world, researchers have been discovering the problems by which farms have been plaguing our environment. Prior to t he 1920's, agriculture has been a leading cause in the increase of carbon dioxide releases in the environment. While that is no longer the case, it can still be concluded t hat current agricultural practices, while i mportant to s ociety, are causing detrimental effects to our environment both locally and globally. It is clear that agriculture c auses harmful levels of pathogens and c hemicals in our water and increases levels of greenhouse gases in the air as a result of agriculture.
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