Psychology as a means of promoting human welfare

Psychology as a means of promoting human welfare,10.1037/h0028988,American Psychologist,George A. Miller

Psychology as a means of promoting human welfare   (Citations: 152)
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Discusses the methods by which psychologists, not psychology as a whole, contribute to social change. The role of the American Psychological Association is presented as a supporting rather than leading factor. It is emphasized "that understanding and prediction are better goals . . . than is control." It is proposed that the adaptive process be changed to achieve these goals. "2 alternative images -are presented= of what the popular conception of human nature might become" as a result of the psychological revolution. It is concluded that a "peaceful revolution based on a new conception of human nature" will result from the instillation of scientific facts in the public consciousness. (16 ref.)
Journal: American Psychologist - AMER PSYCHOL , vol. 24, no. 12, pp. 1063-1075, 1969
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