End to End Communication

End to End Communication,Faith E. Fich

End to End Communication   (Citations: 5)
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End-to-end communication is the problem of sending a sequence of messages from one processor,the sender, to another processor, the receiver, through an unreliable communicationnetwork. This paper surveys positive and negative results concerning deterministic protocolsfor end-to-end communication in asynchronous networks and presents open questions.1 IntroductionSending information from one designated processor to another designated processor is a fundamentalactivity in network based...
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    • ...A generalization of infinite robustness which allows fixed-size packet headers that contain routing information is studied in [1, 2, 5], and descriptions of related models and results can be found in [1, 3]. In particular, [1] considers protocols for complete graphs and [2] considers protocols for m × n meshes (grids)...

    André Kündgenet al. k-Robust Single-Message Transmission

    • ...Finally, in the context of the end-to-end communication problem (see review by Fich [38]), the stretch factor is not explicitly considered—the problem is just to guarantee communication between two fixed nodes in presence of frequent network failures and to optimize the trade-off between the total number of messages generated per data item (communication cost) and required local memory space per incident link...

    Dmitri V. Krioukovet al. Compact Routing on Internet-Like Graphs

    • ...More detail concerning related work can be found in the survey article [F98]...

    Micah Adleret al. The complexity of end-to-end communication in memoryless networks

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