Treatment of landfill leachate by reverse osmosis

Treatment of landfill leachate by reverse osmosis,10.1016/S0043-1354(98)00240-1,Water Research,Angelo Chianese,Rolando Ranauro,Nicola Verdone

Treatment of landfill leachate by reverse osmosis   (Citations: 35)
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This paper deals with an experimental study describing the treatment of landfill leachate by means of a pilot-scale reverse osmosis unit. Leachate streams with a CO parameter in the range of 0–1749mgl−1 have been adopted. The flux rate of the permeate through the membrane decreased linearly with the COD factor. The rejection coefficient of COD was practically independent of the COD value, but was significantly affected by the applied pressure. By operating at 53atm, COD rejection values around 98% were obtained. Finally, the effect of COD on the separation of some heavy metals was investigated. For most metals this influence was negligible. Only the rejection coefficient of Zn decreased significantly upon increasing the COD of the leachate stream.
Journal: Water Research - WATER RES , vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 647-652, 1999
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    • ...RO especially has been found to be quite effective due to its ability to retain both organic and inorganic molecules (Bilstad and Madland, 1992; Chianese et al, 1999; Linde et al, 1995)...

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    • ...Several investigators reported studies on the sanitary landfill leachate treatment using coagulation-flocculation,2 electro-Fenton method,3 sequencing batch reactor (SBR),4 5 combined Fenton oxidation and AFBR,6 membrane processes,7 upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactors,8 and moving-bed biofilm process...

    H. Gulsenet al. Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Reactor for the Treatment of Landfill Leachate...

    • ...The mechanism of coagulation with M. oleifera appears to consist of adsorption and neutralization of the colloidal charges ion (Ndabigengesere et al. 1995)...
    • ...The TDS removal efficiency was more than 98% (Suthanthararajan et al. 2004); 96‐98% of COD removal in the leachate at operating pressure of 53 atm was achieved using a pilot-scale reverse osmosis unit (Chianese et al. 1999)...
    • ...In order to explore a higher efficiency of using M. oleifera as coagulant, oil was extracted first from the powder using Hexane solvent (Ndabigengesere et al. 1995)...

    Emad S. M. AmeenSuleymanet al. Microfiltration of pretreated sanitary landfill leachate

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