Views to nature: Effects on attention

Views to nature: Effects on attention,10.1016/0272-4944(95)90016-0,Journal of Environmental Psychology,Carolyn M. Tennessen,Bernadine Cimprich

Views to nature: Effects on attention   (Citations: 115)
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This study is based on a theoretical view which suggests that under increased demands for attention, individuals' capacity to direct attention may become fatigued. Once fatigued, attentional restoration must occur in order to return to an effectively functioning state. An attention-restoring experience can be as simple as looking at nature. The purpose of this study was to explore whether university dormitory residents with more natural views from their windows would score better than those with less natural views on tests of directed attention. Views from dormitory windows of 72 undergraduate students were categorized into four groups ranging from all natural to all built. The capacity to direct attention was measured using a battery of objective and subjective measures. Natural views were associated with better performance on attentional measures, providing support for the proposed theoretical view.
Journal: Journal of Environmental Psychology - J ENVIRON PSYCHOL , vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 77-85, 1995
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