Animation of Synthetic Faces in MPEG4

Animation of Synthetic Faces in MPEG4,10.1109/CA.1998.681907,Jiirn Ostermann

Animation of Synthetic Faces in MPEG4   (Citations: 100)
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MPEG-4 is the first international standard that stan- dardizes true multimedia communication - including natural and synthetic audio, natural and synthetic video, as well as 3D graphics. Integrated into this standard is the capability to define and animate virtual humans con- sisting of synthetic heads and bodies. For the head, more than 70 model-indepen dent animation parameters defin- ing low-level actions like move left mouth corner up to high-level parameters like facial expressions and visemes are standardized. In a communication application, the encoder can define the face model using MPEG-4 BInary Format for Scenes (BIFS) and transmit it to the decoder. Alternatively, the encoder can rely on a face model avail- able at the decoder. The animation parameters are quan- tized, predictively encoded using an arithmetic encoder or a DCT. The decoder receives the model and the animation parameters in order to animate the model. Since MPEG-4 defines the minimum MPEG-4 terminal capabilities in profiles and levels, the encoder knows the quality of the animation at the decoder.
Conference: Computer Animation Conference - CA , pp. 49-55, 1998
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